Package from Moroccan Oil…

Hello wonderful readers, it’s lovely to be here! I haven’t yet announced my new address to my faithful followers as I want them to have something to read when they first enter this new world of mine. I see that there have been some activity already, and I’m so excited about it. A whole new world is opening for me, and I can’t wait to get to know my new readers! Well, here’s what I found in my mailbox today. A package with 3 products from Moroccan Oil to test for my readers. Love it! You know, I have this dry and fluffy hair, so I really need some moisture and softness to it.  Later today I’m going to pick up my new energy lamp at the postoffice. It’s so dark here in Norway these days, so I’m feeling a little low and tired. I try to eat lots of fruits and do my gym 3 times a week, but still I can’t but notice that I’m affected by the darkness that fall upon us at 4 pm every evening. Wow, wasn’t that scary, at once I had finished my last sentence the electricity went off! The only thing that lightens up the atmosphere these days, is the white, beautiful snow. Guess its gona be a white christmas this year too!

Now that’s what I call dry and porous hair…well, I have to go. See you later sweet cupcakes!


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